Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gender Marketing

As homeowners Leslie & I are always on the lookout for improvement ideas. Since there's a large crack in our driveway (a parting gift from a long-gone tree) I was very interested in this advertising card. It came in the mail from a company called Pacific Paving Stones. (click for enlargement)

The lead advertising copy reads "Made for a Woman - Strong Enough for a Man". The problem of gender-specific brickwork for driveways is not well known but I fear that millions of men & women in Southern California are unable to properly park their cars because their driveways are designed for the opposite sex. If you need a uni-sex driveway solution, I urge you to click on http:/ (although I didn't find anything about gender marketing on the site.)

(Maybe someone at that company will do an ego Google search and leave a comment with an explanation of how this particular campaign sells paving stones. Anyone who wants to hazard a guess is also welcome to comment.)


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