Friday, December 05, 2008

Economy of Motion

Tim Mangan, Orange County's music critc, posted this link to a performance of Ravel's Bolero by Orchestre de Paris under the direction of Christoph Eschenbach who uses the least amount of motion possible to conduct an orchestra. Almost none.

There's not much for a conductor to do in that piece. It's more like Eschenbach is supervising or maybe leading telepathically. Raised eyebows, twitches, head snaps and his clenched jaw muscles are all he needs. He finally does wave his arms. You can guess when. It seems that he manages to attract a lot of attention by not moving.

The video is in two parts. Listen for little variations by the bassoonist and the tenor player.

It reminded me of this short clip of Pierre Boulez leading a bit of Debussy's Nocturnes looking a bit like private security guard. Or maybe a Secret Service Agent without his earpiece. Or a character in the movie Men In Black.

And that clip reminds me of another clip posted to MM years ago.

And that reminded me of this:

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Kraig Grady said...

Someone once told me the Paris Hilton sex video was in the same spirit of the conductor in you post.

on another subject
there is quite of bit of you mentioned in this dissertation. which i will mention so you can remain shameless at least now twice in your life

David Ocker said...

Thanks for mentioning Charles' _500 page_ paper. I mean Doctor Sharp's paper.

Yeah, I'm in there. I was gonna write a whole post about just that - and I still will - because I'm shameless.

I suspect that the name Kraig Grady (i.e. your name) appears as often as mine.

Kraig Grady said...

It has to be close!
i even included even the page numbers on my blog!