Saturday, December 06, 2008

Music Not To Pay Attention To By

In the tradition of unhelpfully named pieces of music such as This Is Not The Title and This Is Not The Title EITHER, here is Music Not To Pay Attention To By.

I can suggest two equally valid ways to enjoy this piece:
  • You can listen without paying attention.
  • You can pay attention without listening.
The second is probably more Zen, but then I know nothing about Zen.

Copyright (c) 2008 by David Ocker 113 seconds

I found the Dean Martin record cover via the picture website This Isn't Happiness. (highly recommended). They found it here. I found This Isn't Happiness via Eric Peterson. You can hear and watch Marty Robbins sing My Woman, My Woman, My Wife here. (his intro is the best part. No wait, his shirt is the best part.)

Music to Suffer By - the image came from here. Read about the singer here. Listen to it here. (Recommended for Florence Foster Jenkins fans.)

Who says Mixed Meters doesn't bring you fine music?

Don't understand this post? Remember, Mixed Meters puts non sequiturs in their correct order.

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