Saturday, December 29, 2007


Schmap? Yep. It's a website. A travel website. They asked my permission to include my picture of a sign reading "Magnet Therapy Here" which was taken at the Hilo Farmer's Market. I agreed.

Here's the picture as it appeared on Flickr and Schmap (What is happening to our poor language in the name of business names which do not provoke lawsuits?)

Magnet Therapy Here - Hilo Farmers Market (c) David Ocker
Here's the direct link to Schmap's Hilo page. Apparently they use Flickr to find travel photos. Cheaper than hiring a professional travel photographer. They gave me credit and linked to my picture on Flickr. Thanks, Mr. & Ms. Schmap!

Confession: I Photoshopped this picture heavily. You can see why if you look at the original unretouched (but reduced in size) photo. The sun was shining through the sign and it isn't really advertising "Magnet Therapy" - although I'm guessing it once did. It really says "Parking $1" on the other side. (Click any pic to enlarge of course.)

Parking $1 - Hilo Farmers Market (c) David Ocker

And by the way, I've recently uploaded even more pictures I took in Hawaii to Flickr. Click here for the whole darn collection. They run the gamut; you don't know what to expect. I might add yet a few more as time goes by, but basically in my mind, this project is finished.


These will give you a better idea of what it was like. One side was fruits and vegetables, many of them familiar to me. The other side was filled with tourist crap. You'll have to imagine the intense heat and humidity on your own.

Hilo Farmers Market - (c) David Ocker
Hilo Farmers Market - (c) David Ocker
Unattended Children Will Be Sold (c) David Ocker
I wish I had gotten a picture of the guys dressed in full Scottish regalia (um, like, kilts) -selling traditional musical instruments of the British Isles. Click here or here for who it might have been. Maybe.

Hilo Farmers Market Green Beans - (c) David Ocker
Hilo Farmers Market Rambutan - (c) David Ocker
Rambutan? Thank you, no. I didn't care for them.

Visiting Hilo? We enjoyed our stay at the Bay House B & B in Hilo and dinner at Cafe Pesto.

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