Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Found Cartoon - Fink

The poor condition of this 5 miles-per-hour sign, at our local high school, has always intrigued me. But today a little piece of paper was attached to it. Turned out to be an inexplicable cartoon, possibly of a small bee or insect possibly named "Fink". Fink has big eyes and wings and is outlined in yellow highlighter. You can decide what you think it is.

5 mph sign with Fink cartoon attached
Fink cartoon
Click the pics to make them larger. Here's another recent found cartoon "It looks at the atom".

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1 comment :

Peter (the other) said...

So, is the suspician that this sign is some kind of "drop box" for clandestine messaging. What might the yellow outline on fink mean :-)

Jeez, remember ol' Rat Fink?