Thursday, September 27, 2007

30 Second Spots - Three Pieces In The Shape Of Chowderhead's Genitalia

At least two of Mixed Meters' three readers think I'm unnaturally fixated on our dog Chowderhead's recent emasculation. (Read all about it.) My response to this criticism is ... yeah, probably.

However MM's third reader (our man at Oxford) wrote to suggest that there ought to be a Symphony for Chowderhead's Testicles. Leslie extended the suggestion: "It should be bouncy."

Taken in Hilo Hawaii - Hilo Guitars (c) David Ocker
So, always sensitive to requests from the readership, while I was in Hawaii I wrote three 30 Second Spots intended to form a larger piece. I entitled them

Three Pieces In The Shape of Chowderhead's Genitalia.

Not a good title. (It refers to this. Another link.)

The three pieces are entitled:
  1. Left Ball
  2. Penis
  3. Right Ball
You'll hear all three by clicking on this little MOG widget.

Meanwhile I've uploaded more of my 3000 Hawaii pictures to Flickr. Click here. They are forming themselves into thematic groups. This group contains pictures of all different varieties of signs and sculptures. For example, here are two sculptures of women:

The red-headed mannequin - near Waikiki beach (c) David Ocker
Above the fire place at Volcano House - Kiluaea Volcano in Hawaii (c) David Ocker

An explanation of 30 Second Spots Be sure to read my update comment.

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