Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mister Composer Head Talks About Sincerity

I've just posted a new essay by Mister Composer Head, over there on the blog called Mister Composer Head. Mr. C. writes about sincerity in performing music. The story revolves around his own experiences singing a country song in concert and the various reactions it received.

You can read Mister Composer Head Talks About Sincerity by clicking on this sentence.

He also talks about the relative sincerities of Bruce Springsteen and Gloria Estefan and the effect of stardom on them.

Someone painted this on a sidewalk (c) David Ocker
Here's a personal comment: he says a nasty thing about editors. As a some-time editor of music and as Mr. Head's amanuensis-ist I would like to point out that my contribution to his posts is limited to adding a few pictures and highlighting a few sentences in red - sometimes for good reason. Nothing else. All spellings are Mr. C's own. Whatever.

One more thing - he tells a very touching story about singing while thinking about his wife Mrs. Composer Head. I think that bit of the story is actually about the power of music because Composer Head is not someone you think of as having tears in his eyes. Nope.

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