Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things Rarely Seen In Pasadena

Through the fault of bad traffic our family breakfast this morning was held in Venice California across the street from this Longs Drug Store.

Long's Drug Venice CA Sept 9 2007 (c) David Ocker
I was able to snap a few shots of things I very rarely see here -- like a huge sculpture of a ballerina with the head of a sad clown.

Ballerina's Head Venice CA Sept 9 2007 (c) David Ocker
This was the view from my seat at the breakfast table. The breakfast food was not very good.

from my breakfast table Venice CA Sept 9 2007 (c) David Ocker
Other typically non-Pasadenan sights: 1) beach parking, 2) a skull and crossbones up a flagpole and 3) an extempore political message.

beach parking Venice CA Sept 9 2007 (c) David Ocker
Jolly Roger Venice CA Sept 9 2007 (c) David Ocker
End Bush Venice CA Sept 9 2007 (c) David OckerThe next Mixed Meters post will originate from a place quite a bit west of Venice. Expect more beach pictures and considerably fewer of genderfuck public sculpture.

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Peter (the other) said...

Hmmmm? Aloha? That Borofsky used to kick its leg out, but the machinery gave up the ghost.

David Ocker said...

I had no idea who the sculptor is, so thanks Peter. In fact I can't remember for sure if I've ever seen him\her in person - or whether the multiple pictures I've seen over the years have formally replaced the actual experience in my brain.

As I was standing on the corner photographing a woman walked up and kept telling me "There's a Claus Ogdenberg down the street."

I knew who she was talking about but I didn't correct her because all I really wanted was for her to go away.