Monday, October 01, 2007

Creatures - Real and Fantastic

Leslie is on a ship in the middle of the Pacific - somewhere in Hawaii but still in the middle of nowhere. She's working with government agents to identify illegal aliens - little spineless ones. "Introduced invertebrate marine species" she'd probably say.

But being cooped up in her lab in a big tin can tossed about on the endless waves has made her even more homesick than seasick.

Through the wonder of modern technology she's been calling home. The ship is equipped with a satellite phone. They get Internet too and she's been checking Mixed Meters from mid-ocean.

I volunteered to post some recent pictures of the creatures she shares her life on dry land with. Me, the dog, a couple of cats. You know the drill.

To make it a little more interesting for the rest of you I'm also including some fantasy creatures. Some are from our home, two are from Hawaii, others from elsewhere. She'll know.

Yellow Critter with Big Red Mouth (c) David OckerStuffed Frog and Plywood Cupholder (c) David OckerThe Ackles in a Laundry Basket (c) David OckerRide 'em colors (c) David OckerStingers (c) David OckerA Japanese Mole Like Critter (c) David OckerScary Owls (c) David OckerTwo green things with beady eyes (c) David OckerDavid Ocker (c) David OckerOaxacan Frog (c) David OckerA green critter with big eyes and a red star (c) David OckerChowderhead's Head (c) David OckerClick any pic to enlarge it. Besides our house and Hawaii, three pictures were taken at Robocon, a fascinating Japanese toy store near the Empress Pavilion (a fine place to eat dim sum in LA's Chinatown.) I took one picture at my doctors office, another at OSH in Pasadena.

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