Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mister Composer Head Goes Solo

Mister Composer Head, for whose blog "Mister Composer Head" I've been serving as amanuensis, has mastered the art of posting his own writing to his own blog (thereby avoiding the bottleneck created by his amanuensis).

In fact two weeks ago he added 5 (count'em, five) new posts to M.C.H. Nothing since then. The ball's in his court.

I created a Feed Digest feed to automatically announce recent M.C.H. posts here at Mixed Meters. Look over in the left column not too far from the top. (You can also click on Mister Composer Head in the M.M. Index at the top of the left column.)

For each C.Head post you'll see the title, the date and the first hundred characters of the text - sometimes cutting off abruptly in the mid...

Click on any title to be taken to that particular post.

interlocking green plants in Hawaii (c)David Ocker
Mr. CoHead asked if I'd add some of my pictures to his posts - but I begged off by suggesting that he could easily learn how to embed pictures directly from my blog(s) into his. Here's hoping he takes the bait and learns the trick of web plunder.

(In fact, if anyone else wants to use some of my pictures, please get in touch.)

Meanwhile, I saw the Composerheads in person at a recent avant-garde function. I can report that they seemed well and in good spirits and were enjoying the program considerably more than I was.

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