Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blank Wall 2

My suggestion that we could reduce suicide bombings in the Middle East by trying to convert potential bombers to fundamentalist Mormonism is one of Mixed Meters most metrically mixed moments. By changing religion they could enjoy their virgins before they die instead of after. Here's the entire post "The Power of Commercials, The Supply of Virgins" (Since then Warren Jeffs has been captured - without a shootout.)

The product of the downtown L.A. film "shoot" I mentioned is now online. You can watch the Anti-Suicide Bombing Commercial here. The explosion isn't a great special effect.. Maybe a more realistic looking one would placate more bombers.

Meanwhile Iraqis are sending commercials our way also. Would you believe I saw a TV commercial promoting Kurdistan, the Other Iraq. (Do they have nice beaches in Kurdistan?)

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