Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Winning our wars with sugar

I saw an LA Times article entitled Coca-Cola Goes to Afghanistan which reports that Coke is the "only major business to open in Afghanistan in more than a decade." (Don't want to register at LA Times? Here's another short article on the subject.)

Heck, what have we been waiting for? It's been nearly five years since we toppled the Taliban and I'm incredulous that we're just now pulling out our most powerful weapon - SUGAR!!! (Well, corn syrup probably, which is even more deadly.)

Of course, Coca-Cola might not be able to subdue the Afghan populace alone - I hope Phillip Morris will join the battle soon.

Here is a 1954 advertising movie, Members of the Family, part of Coca-Cola's successful campaign against the Phillipines. I suggest you count the number of times the announcer, with his hypnotic delivery and American accent, uses various forms of the word the F-word (um, in this case it would be "friend").

Here's a super-similar film aimed at Arabs. The musical number is more interesting in my opinion. Too bad we didn't use this weapon on Castro.

Disclaimer - the picture above is not a real bottle of Coke. Click here if you're curious what it really is. I think you'll be impressed.

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