Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blank Wall 3 - God and George II

"Let me explain the government to you. There's God, then there's the president and then there's my father."

Jack Roberts, 6-year-old son of Chief Justice John Roberts, overheard speaking to one of his young peers on the last day of summer camp.

This article came from here. I learned about it on The Debate Link a blog listed on Planet Carleton.

And here's a video trailer of the movie Jesus Camp (in which I've heard children are shown worshipping George Bush).

Someone has to train our side's fanatics for the upcoming mutual annihilation with their religious fanatics. But if that doesn't happen, these kids are going to become really nutcase adult citizens.

(Thanks to Tom Brodhead for the movie link. Click here if You Are Looking to Buy In Cleveland)

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