Sunday, January 01, 2006

In which David Proposes A New Boomer Tradition

You've all heard how Baby Boomers start turning age 60 today. Here's the press release from the Census Bureau if you somehow missed it.

There are zillions of us boomers - we're sure to make this rite of passage a big event - if only for the number of dollars spent and the amount of angst spewed. Is it possible for an entire generation to age gracefully?

About a month ago Leslie and I were invited to a QuinceaƱera - an elaborate Latina's fifteenth birthday party. (The picture is a table decoration from the event.)

Leslie remembered her Sweet 16 party for me and it made me think that boomer women should start having - - SWEET SIXTY PARTIES. Judging by a Google search (just one hit) this is not an idea whose time has come.

Men could do it too - but we'd have to think of a different name.

Being a Boomer

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Sweaty Sixty?