Wednesday, January 18, 2006

30 Second Spots - Girls Kick Ass

click here to hear Girls Kick Ass - The title was suggested by a license-plate frame I saw on a car while waiting for a red light. The music was written in Starbucks and, as always, has nothing to do with the title, except maybe it does subconsciously. The music is a good example of Plectral Spastic Contradance, which, as always, means nothing much really.

Here's a link to a new blog called Twelve Minutes, where the author, who lives in Hong Kong, goes to Starbucks every day, observes the current environment for 12 minutes and then writes creatively about it. I can relate. Starbucks in Hong Kong sounds frighteningly similar to the ones in Pasadena.

Copyright © January 4, 2006 by David Ocker - 44 seconds (very long!)

Explanation of 30 second spots

30 Second Spots

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