Monday, January 23, 2006

In which David Links Back

Art Jarvinen (the "west coast totalist") added a link back to Mixed Meters in my own bio at Leisure Planet Music. He also made some nice comments - and singled out my cat pictures for particular praise. Leslie and I have had lots of child-substitute felines and I take many pictures of them. Here is my favorite cat picture of all. (This is the late mackerel tabby Big Boy, the cross-eyed cat.)

Scott Fessler also created a link to Mixed Meters in his blog Notation Software Survey. Don't be fooled - it isn't a real blog, just a clever online vehicle for distributing results from his survey on music notation software used in higher education. Boils down to the question "Finale or Sibelius?". He wore out a lot of shoe leather knocking on doors collecting data displayed in cool colored graphs, perfect for compulsive comparison.

Cat Pictures

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