Saturday, December 27, 2008

Under Bridges

The rain leaves, the wind comes. It gets clear. Leslie and I take Chowderhead walking in the Lower Arroyo Seco Natural Park (satellite picture). We pass under the Colorado Street Bridge and the 134 Freeway Bridge, designed with complimentary arches which are reflected in pools of water. Pictures are taken.

Colorado Street Bridge from distance Pasadena CA
arches of Colorado Street Bridge and 134 Freeway brdige Pasadena CA
Colorado Street Bridge side view from underneath Pasadena CA
134 Freeway Bridge reflected in water Pasadena CA
Colorado Street Bridge from below composite shot Pasadena CA
Click any picture to enlarge it, especially the last one.

1 comment :

Peter (the other) said...

Great photos. Whenever I come up the 134, it somehow seems surreal the way the Colorado St. bridge is sitting off there to the right, looking lonely, standing spindly and ancient with those beautiful lighting fixtures. It is the magical, different bridge to who knows where, the one I should probably be on: that would make all the difference.