Friday, November 14, 2008

Three High Speed Music Videos

Mixed Meters offers you ways to waste your time at warp speed. Hang on.

The first one comes from Guinness and Cream Cakes. It was described (in jest I hope) as the first rap song. It's from a 1936 movie called Night Mail with music apparently written by Benjamin Britten after he returned home from a performance of Facade.

Here's another video found at Guinness and Cream Cakes. Martha Argerich plays the Scarlatti Toccata damn fast!

I found Guinness and Cream Cakes via Violins and Starships. Until now, Mixed Meters has never mentioned Guinness except on Bloomsday.

Finally here's some Zappa music with frantic imagery.

I found this one at Andrew Durkin's Jazz: The Music of Unemployment I'd like to tell you that these are the sort of images Frank would have liked - but I'll have to check with Gail first to see if that's still true.

In which I blather about Scarlatti - one of my favorite composers.

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ericnp said...

The Zappa music being a section of Little House I Used to Live in, from the album, Burnt Weeny Sandwich.

Here are two renditions of the fabulous lyrics from two live versions of that portion of the song...

Little House I Used To Live In
(Live, Fillmore East, 1970 version)

His penis is a monster
His penis is a monster
His penis is a monster
monster dick, monster dick, monster dick, monster dick... (repeat)

(Live, Fillmore East, 1971 version)

Ya-ya ya-ya-ya ya-ya

Ya-ya ya-ya-ya ya-ya

Ya-ya ya-ya-ya ya-ya

Ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya

Oink! Oink!

La la la la . . .


and so on... proceeding into the Mud Shark dancing lesson.

Anonymous said...

Hello my enpixelated pal, to amuse you and annoy you, I have tagged you with a "meme of seven." Check out my blog for the gory details...