Monday, November 17, 2008

This Is Not The Title EITHER

As promised and explained here, this is the sequel to This is not the title entitled This is not the title EITHER. You should probably listen to one of them before you listen to the other. Another piece of advice - play it loud!!

The two pieces are very similar. They have one melody and one sound effect in common and everything else is different.

This is not the title EITHER

This is not the title EITHER has:
  • a section influenced by the wondrously crazy music by the Kocani Orkestar, an oriental Romany Macedonian brass band
  • another section influenced by the piano stylings of Art Tatum, the famous jazz pianist who seemed to have four hands. (Read a MM post about Tatum's recent comeback tour here.)
  • a little piano lick which I cut from the first piece but didn't want to throw away. Listen for it at 36 seconds and at 210 seconds.
  • a lot of musical phrases and rhythms based on the number seven
  • a laugh track
Click here to hear This is not the title EITHER
Copyright (c) 2008 by David Ocker - 400 seconds

The title of this piece may not be the title of this piece, but it is not a fake title. Read about fake titles here and here and here.

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