Monday, September 01, 2008

Gloomy Bear Solar Figurine

Here's a polar bear picture which I took here in Los Angeles.

Polar Bear diorama at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Notice that the bear looks pretty happy, with kind of a sly smile on its face, probably because it is just sitting down to a fine repast. Notice that no blood is visible.

Here's a little video of my birthday present from Leslie, a Gloomy Bear solar figurine:

Notice the splotches of blood on Gloomy Bear's chest, paws and face. Gloomy's pretty vicious, as cute cuddly anime figures go. Notice our cat Crackle who seems oblivious to the danger.

Never heard of Gloomy Bear? Neither had I. Here's a video from something called Japanorama that explains his origins, sort of a pop follow-up to Hello Kitty:

The stuffed polar bear picture is part of a diorama at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, where Leslie works. Here's a Mixed Meters article about imaginary animals which stalk the museums noisy vaulted hallways.

Here's an article about a previous birthday gift from Leslie. Thanks, honey.

Polar Bears meet Penguins?

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Anonymous said...

I like it when they put in painted backdrops to mimic artic climates. I see such a backdrop in your live polar bear exhibit. I visited Sea World and it's penguin exhibit also had such a backdrop. They march you through a cue Ikea style. They even play annoying penguin music on a loop. The backdrop was peeling and curling up at the ceiling joint. Pay for your pleasures.