Monday, September 29, 2008

Blue Doodles

I scanned five of my old doodles and altered the background color using Photoshop to create a sequel to the earlier Mixed Meters post entitled Branches Before Blue. Pick your favorite.

Blue Doodle 1 (c) David Ocker
Blue Doodle 2 (c) David Ocker
Blue Doodle 3 (c) David Ocker
Blue Doodle 4 (c) David Ocker
Blue Doodle 5 (c) David Ocker

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Anonymous said...

All are quite nice. I like the 1st one the best - I suppose because I'm a fledgling birder. I also really like the 4th, just cuz.

Anonymous said...

Likewise i would like to encourage more of these in at least as much quantity as the photos if not more.
They are quite imaginative and i hope any CD would include your own artwork

Anonymous said...

It's a tie for me. I vote for three and four