Friday, January 25, 2008

Snow in Places

We're having what we call "winter" in Southern California - a period of steady heavy rainstorms. This is remarkable because we've skipped winter for the last several years. Last year was the driest on record.

Here's a newspaper pummeled by rain on a bed of greens.

Newspaper on the grass after heavy rain (c) David Ocker

When it rains down in our valley (the San Gabriel Valley not the birthplace of Valley Girls), it often snows at higher elevations. However, we can see higher elevations including Mount Wilson which towers above us. It's 5710 feet above wherever they measure from.

The clouds broke briefly this afternoon, suns shone, patches of blue sky were visible and, indeed, there was snow on high ground. You'll have to click and scroll this picture as it is quite wide.

Mount Wilson Snowfall panorama as seen from Pasadena CA (c) David Ocker

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deadmandeadman said...

This Photo possesses a strange power. The gentle shock of recognition, the bits of color bleeding away, make for a telling essay. kudos.