Saturday, January 12, 2008

LAX and Back

This afternoon I was a passenger on a trip by automobile from Pasadena to Los Angeles International Airport and back. I amused myself by taking pictures out the window. Except for the two Terminal 2 pictures all these shots were taken from a moving vehicle somewhere on the Pasadena, Harbor or Century freeways.

Freeway Wall 1 (c) David Ocker
Freeway Wall 2 (c) David Ocker
Freeway Wall 3 (c) David Ocker
FedEx Plane, the old Tower and the light column art thing at LAX (c) David Ocker
Fence on LAX approach road (c) David Ocker
Here is Sammy, Mixed Meters' Oxford reader, who we were delivering to his Virgin, standing with Leslie outside Terminal 2.

Sammy & Leslie Outside Terminal Two (c) David Ocker
Here is a close-up of the previous shot.

Blue Terminal Two (c) David Ocker
The next four pictures were taken while driving through downtown L.A.

Freeway Signs (c) David Ocker
Indian Casino Giveaway (c) David Ocker
Construction and GROWL graffiti (c) David Ocker
Skyscraper Shadows (c) David Ocker
The remaining pictures are the bridges of the Pasadena Freeway.

York Avenue bridge (c) David Ocker
Gold Line Trestle (c) David Ocker
Blue Sky & Green Pedestrian Overpass (c) David Ocker
Click any picture to enlargen it. If you've never been to Los Angeles these pictures will give a better idea of what it really looks like than anything you've seen in television or movies.

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ericnp said...

I like the "close up of previous shot." I like the concept of the background being the subject. I think it would be nice to produce a movie in which the real story takes place entirely in the background.