Saturday, January 05, 2008

30 Second Spots - The Rhino's Medallion

I've taken two previous 30 Second Spots (The Flight of the Rhino and The Medallion and combined the music into this piece The Rhino's Medallion. It might be helpful to go read about and listen to the two earlier pieces before listening to this. But then again ... maybe not.

Although I created this on the level of musical notation rather than audio mixing, it might be helpful to imagine this process as a strange form of "mashup" or "remix". Maybe it's a collage. Or a montage. It's definitely not a montuno.

Listen here.

133 seconds - Copyright (c) David Ocker

Last week I had a few minutes to cruise through a store devoted to Christmas ornaments. I was looking for more Christmas Penguins to photograph. There wasn't a single penguin in the store. When I saw this statue of a woman playing a violin my jaw dropped. I wanted to buy it just for the kitsch value - but even at half price it was too expensive.

statue of woman with big butt playing a violin  (c) David Ocker
Why an artist would want to portray the female form with such a huge, distended, horse-like hind section is beyond me. The object was quite tall, so maybe the ass serves as ballast to keep it from toppling over. They also had the same statue with the woman playing a flute instead of a violin.

I don't suppose she's any more non-anatomical than Barbie, just more abstractly offensive. If I were still doing Docker Awards this would be a great statuette to symbolize them.

If the embedded mp3 player doesn't work, click here.

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