Saturday, February 24, 2007

Playing a Giant Clam

Who is this cute young woman? And why does she deserve some blame for our stupid war in Iraq? (Answer at the end of this post.)

Who would imagine a comic book cover featuring composer Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji. Apparently there's no actual comic book to go with the cover, because if it was anything like his music, it would be too long and boring and hard to read. Art by JohnnyHeartBeat From Flikr. He did a picture of Edgard Varese also.

Yes, this man is holding a musical instrument. I suppose no one wonders what an axe this intricate sounds like. I honestly can't remember where I found the reference to this picture, only that they are traditional within a particular Chinese ethnic group. If you can read Chinese (or you want to see pictures of other similar instruments) click here.

This is a doodle I did while listening to answering machine messages. More doodles here. Send your suggestions for what this angry bearded person (the young Docker?) is thinking.

Finally, here's a link to the Pianolina by Grotrian. I've been saving it for seven months waiting for something appropriate to pair it with. I can finally get the icon off my desktop. Click and drag the little square balls and listen as the strange gravity makes "new agey music" as the balls hit the walls. (Sent to me by Roland Kato)

The first picture is Barbara Bush, pre-string-of-pearls, mother of our warmonger and grandmother of the surge.

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Jess said...

Hey, that was really itneresting!
Thansk for sharing.
Jess xxx
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