Thursday, February 01, 2007

Molly Ivins

Several years ago I was driving alone to San Francisco - taking twelve hours to do what some people can accomplish in six. I was almost there and barely awake. I tuned the radio to one of those small, left-wing stations that mysteriously flourish in the Bay area, hoping for something to help keep me alive.

They were playing a tape of a woman with a towering Texas twang speaking about Texas politics. It was side-splittingly funny, car-crash hysterical. I considered the possibility that she was making these idiot characters up. No, I realized, you can't make up stuff that good. Thankfully, her speech ended before I died in fiery laughter.

It was Molly Ivins. This is an obituary of sorts. Here's a real obit at CNN. Here's a remembrance by her editor (plus access to her most recent columns.) Her last one was about stopping "the surge". What a good idea.

Some people have a unique ability to talk back to political stupidity wisely and with humor and good nature. We need more of that in the United States these days.

I hope some political columnist will step up to the plate and become the next anti-Anne Coulter. The neo-cons are probably breathing a sigh of relief this morning that they don't have to be kicked around by Molly Ivins any more.

Meanwhile, here's a Mixed Meters post where Molly has a part - What You Can't Call an Artificial Penis in Texas Watch her in the video.

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