Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Spackle Puss and Crackle Pop

Spackle Puss and Crackle Pop in their deluxe travel boxOur complement of felines is already back to full strength. (Click here to read my earlier post about the last days of Leslie's cat Batty.)

Spackle Puss and Crackle PopAfter just two days we started looking for kittens. We contacted The Catherine Fund in Burbank CA. (Click here for their website.) This is what Fanatic Cat Ladies do when they get together and it's a very good thing. Both Leslie and I were really impressed with their enthusiasm and devotion.

Crackle Pop

Last Sunday we attended their adoption clinic at a local pet store and came home with two totally cute kittens.

Five Little Gray and White Kitties, up for adoption, take a snooze in a Petco in La Canada CaliforniaBoth are from a litter of five. (Leslie did fantasize about taking all five.) All the siblings were colored only with gray and white and our two look quite a bit alike.

Spackle PussWe've named our new female Spackle Puss and the new male Crackle Pop. And we're waiting to see if those names stick - or maybe we'll think of something better.

Crackle PopMeanwhile look at the pictures. Here's the link to our "Animals We Live With - Animals We Remember" page - but it's still completely non-current.

Spackle Puss

Here are Cat-Robot Videos

1) Japanese Cat Robot Television Commercial - it's a tabby

2) White Long-hair Cat Robot gets its neck scratched

3) Black Cat which can't use its rear legs gets around in a yellow robot that looks like a shoe box.

Cat Pictures

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