Monday, August 21, 2006

Magazine for Renaissance Brass Players?

Early Music plus Contemporary Fashion - the perfect combination. (Click picture for closer view.)

ZINK LINKS: Zink Magazine (click here) as seen in my local Borders Books (click here). Don't get the joke? (click here.) Some zink-related mp3s at this site. For Wikipedia article on Cornetts click here.

VIDEO LINKS: Click here for a shaky video of a trio playing the tune Popcorn on medieval instruments (but I see no Zinks).

Click here for a "born again" television commercial selling cars using the tune Popcorn. Zaphod would like this.

Click here for a "medieval era" Mixed Meters post about the relationship between composing music and taking drugs - plus links to Crazy Frog videos using the tune Popcorn.

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