Thursday, August 17, 2006

In which Bulls Hit High Notes

I found this picture in one of Leslie's cooking magazines. Click on it to get a closer view.Advertisement for Texas - Orchestra with Longhorn Cattle
Cattle aren't actually everywhere in Texas. Bulls just can't hit the high notes. Some might think that the sounds of Texas are limited to moos and whinnies. Well, if you're one of them, consider yourself personally invited to enjoy an evening of fine or performing art in one of Texas' countless symphony halls and theaters. It's the perfect end to a day of shopping, golf, museums, or all the other activities we have for your trip to Texas. You can even still see longhorns, just probably not onstage. They tend to distract the woodwinds. Visit or call 1-800-8888-TEX (ext. 3217) for a free 264-page Texas State Travel Guide. Accommodations Guide and Texas Highway Map. It's like a whole other country.
I think the woodwind players in this photo are a lot better off than the poor bass player. (Check out his position relative to the trailing edge of the hunk-o-beef.)

Here's a link to an interesting blog called Ernie (not Bert)
which contains (among other things, such as pictures of airplanes, animals and Christmas album covers) lots of music-related pen and ink "doodles" from LPs of decades gone by. Like this one:

Click for enlargement. No livestock in this orchestra. (This illustration is definitely far beyond anything I would call a doodle. I define "doodle" as a drawing whose subject matter is not known before it is drawn - and possibly not afterwards either. THESE are doodles.)

Here is another video of a humorous piano performance from a 40's movie. It goes along with the Gracie Allen concerto in the previous post.

Chico Marx plays second movement of Beer Barrel Polka
Chico Marx is soloist in "the second movement of the Beer Barrel Polka" from A Night in Casablanca

This is from back when the United States was still fighting Godless Fascism (as opposed to fighting God-Fearing Fascism like we are today.) (Click here for a previous Mixed Meters Casablanca/Piano mashup.)

Blogger Spellcheck suggested replacing "woodwinds" with "whodunit's"

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