Sunday, February 21, 2016

With Extra Butter and Naughty Last Movement

With Extra Butter and Naughty Last Movement are the titles of two new 30 Second Spots.  If you don't know what the heck I mean when I say "30 Second Spot" you might want to read more about 30 Second Spots.  (It's a really old post.)  Since I started working on The Seasons more than 4 years ago I've written very few new spots.  That makes this post sort of an occasion for me.

With Extra Butter and Naughty Last Movement started out as a single piece.  That ur-piece kept getting longer and longer.  It was getting close to two minutes!  I noticed that I had created two unrelated sections.  So I severed them like a musical Ben Carson separating conjoined twins.  I doubt that qualifies me to be a Republican presidential candidate either.

With Extra Butter and Naughty Last Movement both have unhelpful titles.  Do not attempt to relate music and title.   One of these titles was selected in the classical 30 Second Spot manner - an overheard phrase; in this case it was on television rather than at a Starbucks.  The other title was selected in the current Mixed Messages manner, using a random phrase generator.  I'll let you guess which is which.

With Extra Butter and Naughty Last Movement aren't terribly interesting.  Expect no transcendent meanings, elegant harmonies or beautiful melodies.  There are no revealing formal structures, virtuosic performances or clever twisted endings.   These are simple pleasant brief quiet musical moments for piano.  They will take less time to listen to than it has taken you to read these paragraphs of exegesis.

Click here to hear Naughty Last Movement by David Ocker   -   © 2016 David Ocker - 49 seconds

Click here to hear With Extra Butter by David Ocker   -   © 2016 David Ocker - 44 seconds

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