Thursday, February 25, 2016

More Musical Product Names

Yes, it's another installment of the longest running Mixed Meters silly obsession: pictures of products or companies which use musical terms in their names.   Believe it or not, this is Number Ten in the series.  (Click here to see them all.)

Yeah, some of these are stretching the point.  I am unapologetic.  Click a picture for a close-up.

This time around we start with a viewfinder for a writer who makes a living creating music and follow that with a small boneless meat flute.  Yum.  Then two musical performance techniques - one for eating on a harp, the other for groups of singers who need a place to live.

Part two begins with a cold, diary-based sequence of musical tones, followed by a shorter sequence used for interior design.  There are two variations on simultaneous groups of notes, one if you're having ear, nose and throat problems, the other for coloring the tips of your fingers.  Either a high female singer or some words in a song will sartorially leave you in stitches.

Part two ends with a two-fer: a master of achieving exactly the right frequency on a mobile musical instrument.

Part three is all drinkable.

We begin with a hot caffeinated liquid which will make you sing Hallelujah.  (This was submitted by an alert Mixed Meters' reader, the diving composer Jeff Laity.  That's a first.  Thanks Jeff.)

This is followed by a health conscious operatic showpiece for women, one which first needs to be mixed with water.  Next there's a lemon of a grand opera wearing a winged helmet and a fruity rhyming South American dance.  Then a winey high-pitched string instrument and a study piece translated into Spanish.

We end, as always, with some fast, dry bubbly.  Drink up.  As they say in old Mexico, L'Chaim.

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synthetic said...

Never stopped to think about "Sur La Table" but drive past all the time. :)