Sunday, November 29, 2015

Out of Time - Summer 2015 (short version)

Autumn 2015 is almost over and I'm finally just posting the short version of Summer 2015.  Listen to it now.

Besides the generic seasonal titles which I give all my pieces from The Seasons, the short versions (those are the ones without the long silences) also get poetical titles.  I'm pretty sure this double titling is misleading or confusing to many people.  Sometimes it's just downright deceptive.  And intentionally so.  These additional titles often refer to some personal aspect of the music.  Most likely they're irrelevant for anyone except me.

I've titled the short versions of Summer 2015 "(I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time".  Imagine a game show host telling us that the fun is finally over and, if you want more fun, you'll have to tune in next week. For expediency's sake I often shorten the title to "Out of Time".

Musically, my principal intent was to create music no one can dance to.  (If you do succeed in dancing to this music, please please post some video.)

The opening of (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time was inspired by the annoying confirmation beeps of car alarms.  You know the drill, some jerk with an expensive car pushes a button on his keychain and his car yelps like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.  This serves two important purposes.  First of all, the jerk is secure in knowing that his car is protected from malefactors.  Also, he has the small pleasure of informing anyone nearby that the car is valuable enough that he feels entitled to startle and aggravate us with ugly electronic sounds.  It's a small social faux pas which our culture provides to people who spend too much money on their automobiles.  On the relative scale of vehicular sound pollution, locking your car with a beep is a far cry from the asshole who guns his Harley in a freeway underpass.

Anyway, keep your ears peeled for the Beep Theme right at the beginning.  It recurs periodically throughout (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time. Enjoy.

Click here to hear (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time (Summer 2015 short version) by David Ocker - © 2015 David Ocker, 1084 seconds

(I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time quotes a famous classical piece.  Be the first person to correctly identify said classical music and win a not-so-valuable prize.  Really, I'll send you a CD of my music which is otherwise unavailable online.

If you're not so sure you want to invest eighteen whole minutes listening to Out of Time - after all, time is money, right? - then you might want to gamble three of your valuable minutes listening to Garbage Days of Summer 2015.  This is a kind of time-lapse version comprised of the musical segments which I composed on Mondays.

One more thing - the undanceable nature of (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time prompted me to make time-lapse versions for the other days of the week.  Those are the days when I merely created garbage but didn't share it with the world.  I've strung all those versions together to create a whole different version of Out of Time.  I called it (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time Shuffled.   The two pieces are exactly the same length and have exactly the same music, only the ordering is different.  Listen to Out of Time Shuffled here or read more about Out of Time Shuffled here.

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