Monday, November 30, 2015

Out of Time Shuffled - Summer 2015 (short version)

This is the second of two posts.  You might want to consider reading the first one first.  If not, I'm okay with it.

You also might want to consider listening to (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time Shuffled as you read.  Still no?  I'm okay with that too.

ISWOoTS is an alternate short version of my piece Summer 2015 from The Seasons.  The original short version is called (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time.   "Short version" means all the silences of the original long version (entitled Summer 2015) have been removed.

Instead of presenting the daily segments in the order they were composed - as they were in (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time - this time they are "shuffled" into a different order.  (I originally wanted to tell you that the piece was being played "sideways".  Shuffling, however, is much more descriptive terminology.)

There's method to my musical shuffling.  In the first three minutes you hear all the segments which I composed on Mondays in the order they were composed.  (That much, just the Monday bits, is also known as Garbage Days of Summer 2015.  Garbage Day versions for a few other seasons are online if you're curious.)

After the Monday segments come all the Tuesday segments.  Then Wednesday.  Then . . . you get the idea.  Eventually all the weekdays are accounted for and the piece ends.  (Don't you dare call this Serialism.  Well, go ahead, but please tell me you're only making a joke.)

To my ears the shuffle worked surprisingly well musically.  The two pieces are very different.  I'm hard pressed to decide which one I like better.  I think the shuffle works because Summer 2015 adheres to the Garbage Day Periodicity idea quite rigorously.  New ideas are introduced each week starting on Mondays and therefore the original music is quite episodic.

The shuffled version, however, is not episodic.  It has more of a periodic feel, like a set of seven variations, cycling through the sequence of a dozen or so weekly ideas before going on to the next day.  I think these segments are fairly easy to hear if you're attentive.  If you're multitasking, this time chart will help you identify when each new day begins:

Monday 0'00"
Tuesday 3'11"
Wednesday 5'28"
Thursday 7'28"
Friday 9'43"
Saturday 12'06"
Sunday 14'45"

I felt free to adjust the time between segments if I felt that was needed in the two versions, so I was surprised that they turned out exactly the same length.  The versions are, however, mixed quite differently because musical bits appear in quite different contexts.  I was also surprised when I listened to both versions simultaneously - there was cacophony, just not as much as I expected.

Click here to hear (I'm Sorry We're) Out of Time Shuffled (Summer 2015 short version) by David Ocker - © 2015 David Ocker, 1084 seconds

Links to all the Seasons in all their versions are here.

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