Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You're Blaming Me For This

In the Classical Era of 30 Second Spots, back when I composed them on a laptop at Starbucks, my titles were selected from snippets of overheard conversation. These days, composing at home, overheard conversations are hard to come by.

I started a new Spot on Monday.  I needed a title in order to save the file.  So, I walked into the other room, flipped on the television and the first words I heard were "You're blaming me for this."  Great.  Problem solved.

In case you need attribution, it was the Fox show TMZ.  I turned the set off immediately.  I have no clue what celebrity indiscretion was being blamed on whom.

Click here to hear You're Blaming Me For This by David Ocker
© March 25, 2014 - 59 seconds

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Since the title of the 30 Second Spot came from television, a video parody of a television commercial seems appropriate.  It's flogging a big generic corporation.  Yes, this is one of "those" commercials.  You'll recognize the genre immediately.

Ask yourself: how interchangeable are big American corporations?   Big corporations cannibalize one another with billion dollar buyouts.  They keep getting bigger as their numbers decrease and they want you to like them no matter how evil they are.

We get shown an awful lot of this kind of crap these days. They're trying to project the humanity of the corporation.  Corporations are trying to avoid getting blamed.

Legalistically corporations are supposed to be people too.  I don't agree.  It's just a convenience for business purposes.  Sadly, right now, the Supreme Court is deciding whether corporations have religious rights.

You can find the script here.  I found the video here.

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