Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winter 2013 from The Seasons

Today is an equinox, the cusp of the old and the new season.

That's why I'm posting another episode of The Seasons.  I've been doing that for every season for a while.  The latest completed northern hemisphere season was the winter which began in December 2013.

Click here to hear Winter 2013 © David Ocker, 4405 seconds

Winter 2013 is 73 minutes long.  Be warned!  One full hour of those 73 minutes is pure silence.

If you're new to Mixed Meters you're probably wondering why a piece of music is 80% nothing.  Frankly, I don't have the energy to invent yet another explanation of what this music series is about.  I suggest you try reading this instead.

If you want to explore the web of intrigue which is the entire series called The Seasons - lately I've been posting both long and short versions -  you can read all the posts.   Also, all the links are on this page.

The Seasons is my exceptionally loose way of keeping time.  Here's a cute video (which I found via this blog) about a guy who has it down to the nanosecond.

Today I learned that yesterday was Taxonomist Appreciation Day.   Everyday it's something, isn't it?

At Mixed Meters we appreciate a taxonomist every day.  That's because Mr. Mixed Meters is married to a polychaetologist named Leslie.  You can read all the Mixed Meters posts about Leslie.  There are quite a few.

I learned about TAD because Leslie left a browser window open.  Possibly she wanted me to see a definition of taxonomy ("The study of organisms and how you phylum.")  It makes more sense with the graphic.  She knows I like puns.

More likely she simply forgot to close the browser window.  That window is how I happened upon another cute video, an animation about a taxonomic expedition hunting for ants.  It's very tightly cut to the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela, a MM fave.

Leslie goes on expeditions like this.  The difference is that her expeditions always involve the ocean because she hunts sea worms instead of ants.  I steadfastly refuse to accompany her because I prefer to stay home and write music every day.

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