Tuesday, December 31, 2013

David's 2013 Year End List

Many news organizations save themselves work at the end of the year by publishing "best of" lists. Presumably the items are chosen because someone - either writers or readers - particularly liked those things.

Unfortunately, this scheme has never worked well for me at Mixed Meters.  I'm not good at liking things.  This year I decided to apply the Mixed Meters philosophy ("do the exact opposite") to the year-end list idea.

Here is the result:

Things I Hate
  • I hate it when the weather is really hot (or really cold).
  • I hate shredded coconut.
  • I hate waking up early.
  • I hate my ISP.
  • I hate Internet flash mob videos where orchestras perform classical music in public places as if "by accident".

  • I hate that the commercials are louder than the programs.
  • I hate it when the news makes me feel that there is no hope.
  • I hate that the average American watches 5 hours of television per day.
  • I hate any television show or movie which features zombies.
  • I hate discussions, movies, scientific theories and religions on the subject of how the world will end.

  • I hate companies that use automatic dialing devices to spam my telephone.
  • I hate mega-corporations, Walmart in particular.
  • I hate it when someone says that corporations are people.
  • I hate that businesses have become so big that they harm individual Americans.
  • I hate that copyrights have become corporate assets.

  • I hate that politics has become mostly lying.
  • I hate noticing similarities between the actions of the US and those of the Empire in Star Wars.
  • I hate that the election of the first black US president has caused a resurgence of overt racism.
  • I hate neo-liberals.  Also neo-conservatives.
  • I hate the way Republicans in Congress behave.  Other Republicans too.

  • I hate that some rich people have become too rich and too powerful.
  • I hate that separation between church and state is decreasing.
  • I hate that so many people can't find a balance between god and science.
  • I hate the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
  • I hate the notion that a gun makes you safe.  Also that more guns make you safer.

  • I hate it when the value of things is confused with their cost in money.
  • I hate when people make belonging to (or rooting for) particular teams part of their identities.
  • I hate it when someone acts like they know everything about anything.  (Double for radio announcers on classical music stations)
  • I hate all the loopholes.
  • I hate hate.

The pictures above are some of my personal 2013 faves which I posted on my picture blog Mixed Messages.  Here's Mixed Meters' 2012 end-of-year "list":


Scott said...

Except for waking up early & the utterly misguided dislike of shredded coconut we are in complete agreement on everything hate-worthy.


ericnp said...

I love documentary programming on how the world might end. It gives me hope that something will get us there before we do.