Saturday, December 21, 2013

Autumn 2013 from The Seasons

First, here's an opportunity to listen to my newest season Autumn 2013.

Next, if you need to catch up, some quick explanatory flashbacks about my series The Seasons:
  1. I write one short bit of music for each day in the calendar.
  2. I try to actually write these on the day itself.
  3. I separate all the bits of music with long periods of silence.
  4. I start a new "season" on every solstice or equinox.
  5. As each season is completed I post it to Mixed Meters
  6. Links to each season can be found on The Seasons page.
  7. Many seasons have Garbage Day Periodicity, sometimes audibly, other times not.
Now, new information:
  1. Today, December 21, 2013, is yet another Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. 
  2. Later today I will begin composing a new "season", Winter 2013.  
  3. Before that, however, I'm posting the newly completed season Autumn 2013.  
  4. Autumn 2013 is my eighth season, my second Autumn, the end of the second year.
  5. I will post the short version of Autumn 2013 in a few weeks.  That's like real music.
  6. Autumn 2013 uses piano sounds and hand drumming sounds (both with much stereo antiphony) plus lots of filter sweeping.
Suggestions for listening to The Seasons:
  1. Listen to one season all by itself.  I find this good when I need to concentrate on something else.
  2. Listen more than one season simultaneously.  Go here, quickly click on a few different "listen" links.
  3. Listen to one or more seasons simultaneously with any other music.  Expect the unexpected.
  4. Please leave a message if you know a good program which plays multiple audio streams at the same time.  
I have spared you from the following rants which might filled this space:
  1. There are too many Winter Solstice Holidays.  A little consolidation would be nice.
  2. There is no war on Christmas except the one started by the Christians themselves.
  3. Sunlight at this time of year is precious for someone like me who stays awake all night.
Click here to hear Autumn 2013 from The Seasons
© 2013 by David Ocker, 3974 seconds

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