Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter 2012 from The Seasons

I have completed and posted my fifth Season, entitled Winter 2012.  This is the second Winter in the series.  The entire series, unsurprisingly, is called The Seasons.

Winter 2012 uses a twelve-tone row as melodic source material.  The row was generated in Autumn 2012, which uses a different pitch center for each of twelve weeks.  Winter 2012 has no Garbage Day Periodicity, the way some of the other Seasons have.

Click here to hear Winter 2012 by David Ocker, © David Ocker 

4121 seconds

You can read all the previous posts about each previous season.  These are moderately interesting.  They contain lengthy explanations on the twists and turns of equinoxes and solstices which are the days on which I begin composing each new seasonal piece. There are also some rants about how long time lasts.

Here's a quick explanation for the perplexed: I write one short musical bit everyday and separate them with unmusically long silences - 30 seconds or more.  The idea is to combine two or more or even all of these pieces simultaneously.

Or you could play them concurrently with other music ... any other music.  Possible results include happy happenstance, crazy coincidence and cuckoo cacophony - sometimes all at the same time.

Go ahead, try it yourself!

Click hereherehere, here and finally here (allowing time for the files to load) to get all five seasons going at once.  They will cycle nearly for ever.  Well, for a very long time - "very long" in the geological sense.  It will last much longer than the Internet.

Technical note: I've changed the players on all the Seasons playback pages to Html5.  This allows them to loop indefinitely.  If your browser can't play Html5, there's an alternate player - but it doesn't loop - so you'll have to sit at your computer clicking and clicking and clicking for the rest of eternity.

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