Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Musical Marketing Words

As a Mixed Meters occasional feature we present pictures of musically named products and companies. Or maybe it's a bug.  Either way, if you've been waiting for another episode, wait no longer.

This time we have
  • A famous Austrian composer at the mall selling valuable things.
  • A carbonated mixture of vodka and white wine which has become a simple and unconditional fusion melody.
  • Three vegetarian combinations of a melodic nature. (It's a medley of medleys.)
  • A work of art with Japanese raw fish and rice.
  • Another work of art in financial services.  (This one must be complicated because it requires a conductor holding a baton.)
  • A studio where the conductor points to the performers just as they're supposed to start playing!!!

This is the eighth episode in the series. See all of them.

Click a picture - it should get bigger.

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