Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who Cares If You Listen

Milton Babbitt probably did care if you listened. He didn't choose the title of his famous article called "Who Cares If You Listen".  (Read it here if you care.)

I actually don't care if you listen to my music.  Go ahead listen.   Or not.  It's your choice entirely.  The music is there if you want to play it.

Caring whether you listen or not tends to make me feel bad.  I know this from experience.

It should not be surprising that feeling bad is something I try to avoid.  I write music because it makes me feel good. Why should I do anything to turn a feel-good experience into a feel-bad one?  That would be really dumb.  Spending my time writing music is dumb enough.

Click here to hear Who Cares If You Listen - © 2013 by David Ocker - 165 seconds

Who Cares If You Listen is one of those perpetual motion pieces that sound good on a computer but are really hard to perform.  There's lots of percussion.  If you DO listen you could listen for the "Who Cares If You Listen" theme.
It happens several times in the middle section.  Try singing along.

There's also a moment in Who Cares If You Listen when two mystery instruments enter very briefly.  Extra credit for the first person to identify those sounds.

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Kraig Grady said...

That seemed a bit unusual for you even though it sound like you. Quite like it. alway2 a surprise.