Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Yesterday seemed to be a day for doses of musical academia - first when I unscrambled anagrams  using clues gleaned by skimming this post by Daniel Wolf.  Later John Steinmetz sent me an article, Terminal Prestige by Susan McClary.  I even started reading that.  I'm sure it's a fascinating article.

But then I thought it would be a better use of my time to compose some of my own music rather than try to parse other people's ivory tower prose.  So I set to work.

A couple hours later I had a new 30 Second Spot which I entitled Cuffus.  It's apparently some sort of tailoring term, unfamiliar to me, but prominently displayed in the window of a local dry cleaner on a street I walk.

Cuffus is also the name of an online dating website.  I assume, based only on their logo (handcuffs in the shape of hearts), that it is not my cup of turn-on.

Cuffus, my 30 Second Spot, is a jazzish little trio for piano, bass and drums.  Nothing deep about it.  Nothing restrictive like handcuffs.  Nothing academic.  Just a bit of enjoyable music creating for me.  I hope you like it too - not that it matters.

I'd like to thank Peter Schmid, the pianist, and his compatriots Cornel Reasoner and Luis Jolla, for rushing right over to Aphrodite Japonica Studio to record it.  Thanks guys.

Click here to hear Cuffus by David Ocker © March 26 2013 - 37 seconds

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