Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Musical Terms in the Marketplace

It's another episode of a favorite on-going irregular MM feature.  You can count on it to appear when my time is short and I need a simple post requiring minimal thought.

The previous installment featured only potable music and this time we drink in two more: a pluckable tequila and a liquid Italian opera composer, who, it turns out, goes over well with babies and children.  Next are two masters of their art followed by two signs of a euphonious city.  Also watch out for a smokin' military wake-up call and a garden variety string instrument for less than $5.

Finally, this collection ends with a cheesy pun.

You can see all of Mixed Meters' pictures showing products and companies with musical names.  This post is the sixth in the series.

So who is the Young Maestro?

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synthetic said...

Let's meet up for dinner sometime. I'll bring the Chopin vodka and Mozart chocolates – both missing from your series but quite tasty.

David Ocker said...

Chopin vodka was here (the last picture). Haven't run across Mozart chocolates yet.

Good idea, but this menu doesn't sound like much of a dinner. More like a really indulgent dessert.

I like dessert.