Saturday, April 24, 2010

30 Second Spots - A Newspaper In Traffic

You're probably wondering what sorts of things do I do at Mixed Meters when I'm not worried about foolish opera festivals and frightening neo-Nazis.  One thing is that I take pictures of trash, things other people have thrown away and no one else, except me, ever looks at.

If I find trash which is moving I make a video of it. Sometimes I write some music to go with the video. I never know what sort of music to expect and neither should you.

To that end, here's a little video drama, complete with my musical soundtrack, entitled "(Sometimes I Feel Like) A Newspaper in Traffic".

Our hero is a sheet of newsprint, a flyer advertising loss leaders for a large grocery chain.  The paper is separated from his friends and far from the safety of his metal rack.  I found the paper on a busy Pasadena street directly across from a store in that large grocery chain.  Crossing a street is quite an accomplishment for something with no motor abilities at all.

As the scene opens, our hero is being attacked by a series of terrible mechanized war machines from the present against which he has no defense.  He must roll with every punch.  But during a lull in the attacks he is able to regain some lost ground by gliding on a gust of wind.  Eventually the enemy regroups and the sheet of paper is driven off.  Apparently things end badly for our protagonist.

(Sometimes I Feel Like) A Newspaper In Traffic © 2010 by David Ocker    99 seconds.  You can find the video directly on YouTube here.  Please consider watching in hi-def.  Please consider leaving a comment.

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