Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slave to 'Time Is Money'

Slave to 'Time Is Money' is a 130-second long 30 Second Spot.

New Longer Hours - Slave to Time Is Money
It's not a terribly pleasant piece of music: it reminds me of the sounds made while sharpening a knife on a motorized whetstone. The title refers to our inevitable attachment to the unpleasant but familiar aphorism - an ordinary meaningless phrase holding an uncomfortable truth from which most of us can never escape.

130 Seconds - Copyright (c) 2009 David Ocker

Once you've listened you could estimate the value (in your own local currency) of your time spent listening to Slave to 'Time Is Money' . Leave your estimate in a comment. If I get few enough comments I'll contribute the total to a charity of my choice.

Your Dollar - Slave to Time Is Money


Anonymous said...

I listened but after a day spent preparing for a grant I couldn't take it. It made me so nervous.


David Ocker said...

I hope you'll try listening again - when you're not enslaved by deadlines and grant proposals (i.e. by time and money - if you know what I mean).

I also hope you get the grant.