Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old Medical Catalog Scrap

One reason for the dearth of recent Mixed Meters posts is the computer failure I recently endured - caused not by a hard drive crash but by a hard drive power supply crash. Everything seems back to normal now.

To test out the health of my system I scanned a small scrap of paper which I picked up while walking. It's very old. Could be a reprint. It's a medical catalog.

Click on this picture for a readable enlargement. The scan shows both front and back.

Scrap of old medical catalog
Here are some of the items offered for sale and their asking prices:
  • Rubber Male Urinal Bag -- $3.25
  • Rubber Female Urinal Bag -- $3.25
  • "Omega" Bulb Syringe -- 89¢
  • Special "Alpha" Syringe -- $1.49
  • Syringe Attachments -- 5¢ to $1.25
  • Oil and Water Metal Atomizer -- 77¢
  • Plant Sprinkler -- 65¢
  • Clinical Thermometer -- 50¢
  • Rectal Rubber Tubes -- 55¢
  • Stomach Pump -- $1.75
  • Stethoscope -- 95¢
  • Urinometers -- 35¢
  • Anti-Snoring Apparatus and Projecting Ear Device -- 40¢
  • Rubber Dust Protectors -- $1.00
  • Metal Dust Protector -- 75¢
  • Sounds and Catheters -- 20¢ to 75¢


Anonymous said...

those devises are just plain frightening

diana Copsey said...

Thanks for posting this scrap of medical advertising--I have been researching my great grandfather's suicide, May 1, 1894. Earlier he had his teeth extracted and had been undergoing treatment with three different physicians including one who charged for an "alpha syringe"--the device does look frightening but it must not have been effective since it was only a few weeks later that Grandpa shot himself in the abdomen and then in the head while standing on the train platform in Buena Vista, Colorado.
Diana, great grand daughter of W.H. Holthusen deceased