Thursday, January 01, 2009

Left Behind After The Rose Parade 2009

Through bad planning I arrived at the Rose Parade, a short walk from our home, in time to see the last few entries. I snapped some shots.
.Rose Parade 2009 - Brass Instruments
Rose Parade 2009 - Hooves
At the end of the parade I videotaped two units that many people don't know about. The Tow Truck Brigade Horn Band and the God Squad Camp Followers Precision Drill Team. If you watch them, I suggest turning up the volume.

Then I walked backwards along the route looking, in the Mixed Meters tradition, for trash to photograph. (Trash pics from 2007 are here.)

Rose Parade 2009 - trash confetti poppers in gutter
Rose Parade 2009 - Starbucks Cups
Rose Parade 2009 - Spilled Salsa Con Queso
Rose Parade 2009 - Barricade Ends Against Toilet
Rose Parade 2009 - Big Red Balloon & Christ Died for Your Sins (yeah, right)
Pre-parade pictures from 2008 are here.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the video of the trucks. I had no idea.... unbearable !