Friday, January 16, 2009

The Ocker Scale

This piece is nearly 2 years old. I remember, back then, that I still wanted to change some things about it. So I flagged it in my mind as "unfinished".

Now, however, I can't remember what I wanted to change. And since it was written in an earlier version of Sibelius I imagine that working on it again would require more remedial effort than I'm willing to expend.

So, here it is, just as it was when I left it.

The Ocker Scale by David Ocker
The text of The Ocker Scale defines the steps of the Ocker Scale, a subjective measurement tool for music listeners. It can be used to succinctly express personal reactions to new works of music directly to the composer or to other listeners. It would be perfect backstage after a concert. Or you can use it in a comment to a blog post. Only a number need be given. Lower is better.

Click here to hear The Ocker Scale - Copyright (c) (p) 2007 2009 by David Ocker 258 seconds

Leslie Harris, in her Mixed Meters debut, is the narrator.

Please leave your Ocker Scale number in a comment. Be honest. I can take it.


Peter (the other) said...

That was AWFULLY good!

Anonymous said...

If there was an extra scale to comment on I suppose it would go something like this "I'd rather eat glass"

I think this is my favorite. I know you can take that

ericnp said...

I was glad to hear 13 come in however I feel 7, interesting , is almost as insulting or honest, depending on ones position. I had somebody, a composer/male-nurse, recently say my website was interesting. I was pretty pissed about that.

A buddy of mine has this scale: You're either great or you suck. That's a little rough.

My impression of the Ocker Scale on the Ocker Scale would be a 3. Except, I personally would have 3 at position 4.

Anonymous said...

I like that "3 Minute Climax" – if that's the name of what I heard before – a LOT!! Can we have more of such things? It is bitey and witty, charming and interesting.