Sunday, January 04, 2009

Betty Freeman

Read Alan Rich, eloquent about the life and recent death of Betty Freeman, here.

Betty Freeman - Thank You Letter 1991


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for her i don't think i would have ever shared a bill with M. Kagel. :) BTW she was giving to the ICA when i was president. New Music could have used more like her.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you provided links to Betty Freeman. I wasn't familiar with her but my partner says he was invited to her home back in the 70's. Having BF validate your work must have been a shot in the arm.

David Ocker said...

Kraig: I remember Betty giving token amounts to ICA during my presidency. It took her a while, but she got the idea.

PasAd: my appearance at Betty's Musicale was the HIGH point of my career as a composer. Not long after that I decided to chuck the whole thing. The whole story of my disallusionment has lots of chapters; this was one of the few positive moments in the process - it was validation, yes - but not immunization.