Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Chat

I haven't composed anything in some time - several months at least. And I've been feeling bad about that. There are several nearly finished pieces on the laptop waiting patiently for me. And posting my pieces here was one of the main inspirations for creating Mixed Meters.

One day last week, trapped by the prospect of solving my computer-related technology problems by engaging in a "live chat session" (a horrendously imperfect form of communication the speed of which is dictated by the slowest typist involved) I decided to write a new 30 Second Spot, another horrendously imperfect form of communication.

Railing reflected in a plate glass windowSince I was writing at home not at Starbucks (so it can't be good), I modified the rules of writing 30 Second Spots slightly, as I often do. There were no conversations to overhear; instead, I picked the title Live Chat.

It's only a minute long. It's for a solo piano with one bad string. Part of the ending was inspired by the Stravinsky Octet. Listen to Live Chat now. Listening to it is the easiest way for you to waste the next minute; I know you've got nothing better to do because if you did you'd be doing that rather than reading my blog.

Copyright (c) 2008 David Ocker

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Anonymous said...

'm dumb. can't find the link to the piece

David Ocker said...

There should be a little embedded flash player just above where it says "Copyright (c) 2008 David Ocker" - and all you should have to do is click the play button. Do you have flash enabled? The player is provided by a website called MOG.

If the player isn't appearing for you hear at Mixed Meters, you could go to MOG itself. The easy to remember link to that post is:

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

thanks David. flash problem. but the link worked and it was well worth the wait. always a joy, your music. With quality like that i would have assumed you wrote that at Pete's coffee.