Monday, October 27, 2008

Bird Brains of Pasadena 2

You can visit Bird Brains of Pasadena 1 which shows pigeons and a hawk and a poor lost finch and a dead something and the pelican in our kitchen. Later, this post shows the parrot in our kitchen.

Here's a Mockingbird which can be an inspiration to a composer, but it's not much to look at.

Mockingbird in a bush
My little pocket point 'n shoot camera is not a bird watchers dream even with 10x optical. For a long time I've wanted pictures of the wild parrots and the large black crows. Recently I had a couple chances. I met with partial success.

The crows around here are BIG. They are very suspicious of people. They stay out of the sun. And their coloring is so dark that it's hard to distinguish details. That's all bad for taking pictures. This one was Photoshopped to bring out contrasts. The crow flew off a second later. (You can click any picture for an enlargement.)

Crow on pavement
Large flocks of Wild Parrots are noisy. They are descendants of escaped pets. Not unique to Pasadena, there is a movie about wild parrots in San Francisco. Read about the Feral Parakeets of Brooklyn in this WFMU blog post. There's a blog Brooklyn Parrots.

Pasadena CA Wild Parrots in a tree
Pasadena CA wild parrot on a phone wire
A large flock of wild parrots in flight, turning together, all gleaming green in the sun against our bright blue skies is an inspiring sight. These pictures don't do it justice.

Flock of wild parrots in flight, Pasadena CA
Flock of wild parrots in flight, Pasadena CA
Here's the promised picture of the parrot in our kitchen

parrot sculpture with plant in our kitchen
And finally, action photos of hummers.

Hummingbird in a pine tree
Hummingbird in a pine tree
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1 comment :

ericnp said...

We have at least one flock of wild parrots here in my neighborhood of Windsor Square, Los Angeles. I remember about 13 years ago a couple running around near my former house, frantically looking up to the trees.

They actually thought they were going to convince their bird to come down and go home with them.

Yes, very noisy. You did a great job getting photos. I have tried to do this with a point and shoot for years now to no avail.